For inquiries about graduate opportunities within the masters (MES or MRP) and doctoral (PhD) degrees through SERS (University of Waterloo) please contact me at [email protected]. For graduate opportunities through SES (Royal Roads University), please contact me at [email protected].  It is best to contact me in early January or sooner for the following September start.

I am currently recruiting self-directed, interdisciplinary masters thesis or project students and doctoral students for September 2022 intake. These students must have an interest and research capacity in the social dimensions of water, environmental governance and sustainability.  They may take on one of my current projects or be interested in my new program focused on the influence of emotion, e.g., fear or awe, ritual, spirituality and identity  Adding the water option to your degree through the University of Waterloo’s Water Institute is also a possibility.

Potential graduate students should have a strong Grade Point Average (GPA), diverse resumes and an academic background in areas such as environmental studies, psychology or sociology, human dimensions of geography, resource management, international development, political science and/or gender studies. Students should be comfortable using both qualitative and quantitative analysis or willing to strengthen those skills as needed. Please refer to my research description for a better sense of the areas of inquiry. However, I am also quite willing to supervise self-motivated students who have interests that extend beyond my existing research program. I’m particularly interested in revisiting issues of social networks, cognitive geography and emotional drivers underpinning climate adaptation/mitigation efforts.

Graduate students receive financial support in the form of University of Waterloo/departmental teaching assistantships. I actively assist my students to prepare their scholarship proposals, and when funding permits hire students for graduate research assistantships to help cover some research and field expenses.

Please note, I am an interdisciplinary social scientist who investigates why people do what they do when it comes to water. If you are inquiring about working in my “lab”, want to engineer a water testing facility and/or run chemical analyses on water samples, I’m probably not the right advisor for you. I respond to many titles but tend to delete emails that begin with “hey prof”…