Funded Graduate (MES) Opportunity starting in September 2015.

The funded research is a comparative analysis of female water professionals (CND) who indicate that mentorship and/or sponsorship have played a role in their career progression or trajectory.

Potential applicants for this project should be excellent writers, have a strong understanding of both gender and water issues; comfort using mixed qualitative (e.g., interviews) and quantitative (e.g., stats) analysis would be beneficial. Students should have an above average Grade Point Average (GPA), a diverse resume and an academic background in fields such as environmental studies, psychology or sociology, human dimensions of geography,  political science and/or gender studies.

Graduate students in ERS receive financial support in the form of University of Waterloo/departmental teaching assistantships. I also actively assists students to prepare their scholarship proposals, hires students, when funding permits, for graduate research assistantships and helps to cover some research/field expenses.