A Tale of Two Speeches

My husband and I both have research talks to deliver tomorrow morning. He got up this morning, finished his slides, kissed the kids good-bye and was picked up early by airport transfer so he'd arrive in time to have a good dinner and decent sleep before the event. Before my talk (7am tomorrow morning!) I [...]

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In Memoriam: Arthur Lieberman

A very long time ago, I was a second-year student studying at the University of Haifa's overseas program. 'Professor Lieberman' played such a huge and influential role in my life. He introduced me to the beauty of ecology, wrote reference letters for scholarships and doctoral studies, and was my academic mentor for many years. The packages of newspaper clippings [...]

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It came from the water

I'm pleased to announce that a new article, It came from the water, has just been published in Alternatives Journal. The article was written with two members of my research team, Stephanie Cote and Hanna Ross. Read the Article

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An interdisciplinary workshop on emotion, cognition, and water decisions

Workshop attendee Katie Kish (above) has written today's blog post about the event On August 10th and 11th, top scholars in the fields of Terror Management Theory (TMT), water research, and governance gathered to discuss the relevance of emotions in water governance and decision making, and how this might apply to future research. [...]

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Welcome to my site. I'm a pre-tenure, interdisciplinary water researcher, teacher and mother. In a moment of weakness, I recently adopted a puppy. (it turns out I'm still really allergic to dogs.....) So this site doesn't get updated as frequently as it should.....  However, there are resources here for students (bibliography, course information etc) and [...]

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