As a first generation professor, things I wish I’d known

I ended my first year class with a pep talk — the usual "now would be a good time to open the textbook in preparation for next week's final exam" plus some insights as a First Generation Professor (FGP). This year I delivered the pep talk as a newly-tenured professor, a surreal experience given where [...]

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Teachable moments and the guy who picks up my recycling

Standing at the end of the driveway, waiting for the school bus with my kids, we were early enough to see the recycling truck making its way down the street. "Great - teachable moment!" thinks the Environmental-Professor/Mum. And I begin to link virtues of recycling, the Magic School Bus episode and a low(er) consumption lifestyle. [...]

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Thinking about Water: What, why and how we teach to engage the next generation of interdisciplinary water leaders.

On October 24th and 25th, 2013 I hosted a small workshop on the nature of interdisciplinary, graduate-level water education. The complex, multi-faceted nature of most current major water issues transcends disciplinary boundaries. As a result, water managers and decision-makers are increasingly making use of collaborative, interdisciplinary approaches. The ability to work successfully in these environments [...]

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