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Reawakening Awe

Ancient societies tended to view water with sacred respect. The Industrial Revolution flattened this view, seeing water as merely a component of manufacturing. The result was ecological chaos. (Post 1/2)

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Mr. Floatie and Mortality: World Water Day

Today is World Water Day, an international event to celebrate and highlight freshwater issues. This year's theme is wastewater – the sullied water that flows down our drains and is flushed from our toilets. In Victoria, the recent decision to provide tertiary treatment of Mr. Floatie before he's dumped in the ocean is a wastewater [...]

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World Water Day Article in the Globe and Mail

Today is World Water Day, and experts everywhere are sounding the alarm about water problems. We’ll learn about children in distant lands who die from drinking contaminated water and women who suffer sexual assault because they don’t have access to private toilets. We’ll see photographs of urban flooding and the damage it has caused to [...]

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Urban flooding in the news

Global News covers flooding events You can be pretty sure that urban water managers did not plan for this type of 'extreme' event when the infrastructure was constructed way back when. But these types of flash flood events are become ever more common. So we need to learn, assess, and plan in different ways.

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